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Become a LVC Microblading Model

With LVC Microblading, you can wake up to beautifully defined eyebrows every single day, whether your hair won’t grow or you wish to streamline your morning routine by filling in those gaps permanently. Say goodbye to eyebrow woes and embrace effortless elegance!

Prior to commencing any procedure, we will thoroughly discuss the treatment with you to ensure your full understanding and consultation.

Our approach involves tailoring the treatment to complement your skin type and facial contours, accentuating your natural beauty.

Your treatment will be closely supervised by experienced professional tutors, ensuring the highest level of care and expertise.

By becoming a model, you can access premium Aesthetic treatments at a significantly reduced rate, without compromising on quality.

What will you get by becoming a microblading model for LVC

As a model, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the exceptional LVC Microblading treatment at a significantly reduced cost. Our training is supported by industry leaders, ENBO Pro, ensuring the use of top-notch products. With the precision of a specialized bladed hand tool, ENBO Pro’s award-winning pigment will be carefully applied to your eyebrows, creating incredibly lifelike hair-like strokes.

We seek microblading models to assist our trainees in completing their final assessments following their comprehensive training course. Rest assured, you’ll be in capable hands. Our experienced students adhere to the highest standards and receive constant supervision from Elite Trainers throughout the entire process. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Become a LVC Microblading Model

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