Hyaluronic Acid


But we hate fine lines and love ways to get rid of them – the ones on our face we mean!

We always hear that it’s “age before beauty”, but we are in the ‘Now Generation’ and we want it all – so why can’t we have age and beauty?

Well your regular boffin will tell you that it’s because with age your body produces less of the magic anti-aging ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid.  Well we are here to prove them wrong.  But let’s bring you up to speed first!

So, what is Hyaluronic Acid and why is it so important? 

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body that makes sure that skin tissue has the right moisture levels need to keep the skin looking full and firm (as in wrinkle free!).  Who wants that firm and fuller looking skin? You (and, millions of others!).

Our scientist friends would be right in pointing out that over time the body produces less and less of its natural Hyaluronic acid.  The less acid produced, the less hydrated the skin becomes.  This, in turn, leads to more wrinkles on the neck and cheeks.  Think cracks in a dry desert!

So the more Hyaluronic Acid available the better.  We need to ‘make it rain’!

No, we are not talking about throwing money in the air at a nightclub…. But we are talking about investing a few pounds into treatments designed to provide the body with more Hyaluronic Acid.  The good news is that there are a few options available to those striving to be forever young.

What options are available?

  1. Hyaluron Pen –  a dermal filler without the need for a needle.  It works by injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin to build-up the volume of areas on the face, like the lips, for example
  2. Injectable Lip Fillers  – injecting small doses of filler underneath the skin to fill sunken area and give a more firm appearance.

Which do I choose?

In truth, the Hyaluronic Pen is the favoured option as it completely safe and a hit with those who have a needle phobia.  It’s great because it is not putting anything artificial into our skin… it is merely helping the body by adding more of what it already has.

The fact that the human body itself makes the exact same substance means the risk of any sort of allergic reaction is also eliminated.

With the Hyaluron Pen even the most difficult wrinkles can be dealt with.  The treatment is safe, free of side effects, and has very few contraindications.

So no longer do you have to worry about new wrinkles welcoming you with every birthday.  Nor do you need to think about what is the best Snapchat filter to hide those lines.  The Hyaluronic Pen means you can literally write the next chapters of your story, care (and wrinkle) free!


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