Eyeliner, Lipliner & Beauty Spot Course




The Eyeliner, Lipliner and Beauty Spot course is a the natural advancement for previous LVC students who have an existing microblading or nanoblading qualification.

This practical course will equip you with the skills you need to apply eyeliner, lipliner and beauty spots on clients. Watch demonstrations and perform the procedure on a live model at the end of the course.

What will you learn on the course?


  • Eye Technique
  • Preparing Clients for Lash-line Procedure
  • Correct Eyeliner Technique
  • Lash-Line Gripping
  • Ensuring Correct Needle Adjustment
  • Tapering Eyeliner by Ensuring Correct Depth
  • Learned Techniques Practiced on Live Models


  • Practice Lip Technique
  • Learn Colour Theory & Selection
  • Facial Shapes and Morphology
  • Understanding Different Skin Tone and Undertone
  • Colour Mixing, Warming and Cooling
  • Learn How to Adjust for Asymmetrical Lips
  • Selecting the Right Colour for Your Client
  • Putting Methods into Practice on Live Models

Beauty Spot:

  • Practice Beauty Spot Technique
  • Preparing Clients for a Beauty Spot Precedure
  • Effective Beauty Spot Gripping Techniques
  • Adjusting Needles and Optimum Procedure Depth
  • Practicing on a Live Model

(Students must have previously qualified in a microblading method – proof of training required)




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