I was so nervous coming on to the course with no experience but the tutor was magnificent. With a small group of 4, it gave me one on one time with the tutor to master the techniques.
Oh my god! Thank you so much for teaching me how to Nanoblade. I’ve already had one happy client

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Welcome to the LVC Nanoblading Blog. The one stop shop for Nanoblading News.

Why Qualify in Microblading?

Summer is a fantastic season for rest and outdoor activities; we can spend hours laying on the beach or playing volleyball. But what about your hair?

Treatments Provided via Microblading

You try to provide your hair with the best products and try to follow proper hair care regimen, but your hair seems to get frizzy for no reason?

What is Microblading?

If you told anyone who grew up in the 90’s that the 90’s were coming back in style, they’d probably run screaming and have nightmares of hair gel.

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