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Hyaluron Pen Courses

HP1 - Hyaluron Pen Courses - 2 Days course

Course Details:

  • Gain expertise in the most innovative advanced lip and skin treatment.
  • Receive Hyaluron Pen/Gun Advanced Fast Track Training using EMBO Hyaderma and EMBO Hyajuve products.
  • Obtain Official Certified Training.
  • Work with LIVE MODELS during your training course (All models provided by LVC).
  • Benefit from small class sizes under the guidance of Master Technicians & Educators.
  • Convenient locations: Main Training Centre in London | Regional Centres in Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton, Milton Keynes, and Bristol.
  • Access exceptional 5 Star After-Support.
  • Choose between courses available on Weekdays and Weekends for flexibility.
  • Avail Payment Plans for your convenience.
  • For more information, give us a call at 020 7993 55 44.

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Course Structure

Course Summary

HP1 – Hyaluron Pen Courses – 2 Days course

What is Hyaluron Pen Treatment?

Hyaluron Pen Treatment is a non-invasive procedure that enables the administration of Dermal Fillers without the need for injections.

How does it work?

The EMBO Hyaluron Pen operates by implanting your desired product into the skin. The EMBO HP Device exerts high pressure to facilitate the liquid’s penetration through the skin membranes.

Dermal Fillers Needle-free!

This groundbreaking development has transformed the aesthetics industry – be among the first technicians to offer this in your area today.

The EMBO Hyaluron Pen enables technicians to insert the selected product into the dermal layer of the skin, known as the Dermis.

The products used typically have medium to low viscosity, ensuring optimal results and maximum absorption.

Other Notable Points about EMBO Hyaluron Pen Treatment:

  • The EMBO Hyaluron Pen Treatment is a non-invasive procedure.
  • It is pain-free and doesn’t cause bruising.
  • Suitable for most people with overall good health.
  • Treatment duration varies from 15 to 60 minutes.
  • Swelling and redness post-treatment are normal, lasting 3-4 days.
  • Treatment costs range from £175 to £995, depending on the treatment area and product amount needed.
  • Lip Enlargement / Enhancement / Shaping
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Increasing skin elasticity

One session is usually sufficient for a successful treatment. The product used is a naturally occurring substance, Hyaluronate, which is a significant component of the skin.

Upon completing the training, you’ll receive immediate certification, ready to perform treatments on models and clients.

  • You will receive a CPD accredited certificate
  • Free Professional Kit
  • Ongoing Support
  • Insurance details to get you covered
  • Access trade suppliers for Hyaluron Pen products
  • LVC Alumni Access

Course Summary

Day 1: Theory & Practical Day

  1. Health & Safety and Hazards
  2. Client Suitability
  3. Hyaluronic Acid – Understanding its purpose, function, working mechanism, and effects within the dermis
  4. Facial anatomy and skin anatomy
  5. Client consultation
  6. Familiarizing with the device and its settings
  7. Treatment practice
  8. Preparing your treatment area and your client
  9. Selecting the correct product for your client

Day 2: LIVE Model Day

  1. Work on live models
  2. Post-procedure care
  3. The healing process
  4. Protection against sun exposure and premature discolouration
  5. Tutor feedback and suggestions
  6. Supplier details with a lifetime 25% off trade card
  7. Pricing strategies for clients & estimated profit margins
  8. Marketing tools
  9. Insurance details

During your training, you’ll receive a complete professional kit, including:

  • EMBO Hyaluron Pen Precision Device
  • 2ml of Hyaluronate Lip Filler Product
  • 5 x injection cartridges

Once you complete the training, you’ll be fully prepared to work with clients.

At LV, our courses are thoughtfully designed to ensure student success. The comprehensive Hyaluron Pen training leaves you feeling confident, excited, and ready to offer this service after successful completion.

We believe in a hands-on approach, combining practical theory with real practice, giving you the best chance to achieve excellent results for your clients. Whether it’s lip augmentations using Hyaluronic Acid lip fillers or skin plumping for wrinkle reduction, you’ll be well-equipped.

At LVC, we specialize not only in proper lip enhancement techniques but also in creating perfect lip symmetry for your clients. As industry leaders in beauty training and education, your learning experience is our top priority.

For more information, give us a call at 020 7993 55 44.

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