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Dermaplaning Course

D1 - Dermaplaning Course

Course Details:

  • Master the Cleanest and Most Sought-After Facial Treatment – No Harmful Chemicals Used
  • Official Certified Training
  • Hands-On Practice with LIVE MODELS (Models provided by LVC)
  • Option for Combination Treatment
  • Small Class Sizes with Expert Technicians & Educators
  • Main Training Centre: London | Regional Centres: Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Bristol
  • Outstanding 5 Star After-Support
  • Courses Available on Weekdays and Weekends
  • Contact Us at 020 7993 55 44 for Enquiries.

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Course Structure

Course Summary

D1 – Dermaplaning Certified Official Training

Dermaplaning Explained

  • Deep Exfoliation Technique
  • Removes Upper Layers of Skin and Dead Cells
  • Safe, Simple, and Clean Process
  • Surgical Scalpel Used for Precision
  • Eliminates Superficial Skin Hair/Fuzz
  • Benefits of Dermaplaning:
    • Achieves Glowing & Radiant Skin
    • Smoother Skin Texture
    • Brightens Complexion
    • Enhances Skin Product Absorption
    • Improves Skin Tone and Texture
    • Helps with Makeup Application
    • No Harsh Chemicals Used
    • Compatible with Other Facial Treatments
    • Suitable for Most, Including Pregnant or Nursing Individuals
    • Not Recommended for Acne-Prone Skin
  • Experience the Beauty of Dermaplaning Today!



Give us a ring at 020 7993 55 44 for more information or drop by our booth at the Professional Beauty Show (London ExCel), The Olympia Beauty Show, Beauty UK (NEC Birmingham), or Professional Beauty North (Manchester) – we proudly sponsor these events. Don’t miss the chance to witness Kim Hunjan – Senior Technical Director – showcasing the latest Nanoblading, Microblading & Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) techniques live on stage.

Throughout your training, you’ll get hands-on experience working with live models and have professional portfolio photos taken. Join us and elevate your skills in the world of beauty!


  1. Dermaplaning Explained:

    • Understanding the process of deep exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz
    • Safe and clean dermaplaning using a surgical scalpel
  2. Benefits of Dermaplaning:

    • Achieving glowing, radiant, and smoother skin
    • Enhancing skin tone and texture
    • Improving absorption of skincare products and makeup application
  3. Dermaplaning Overview:

    • History and purpose of dermaplaning
    • Comparing dermaplaning with other hair removal and exfoliation methods
    • Examining dermaplaning results and its potential benefits
  4. Preparing for Treatment:

    • Identifying client suitability and conducting consultations
    • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the skin
    • Knowing different skin types and relevant conditions
  5. Carrying out the Procedure:

    • Selecting appropriate tools and blades
    • Practicing proper hygiene and health & safety measures
    • Analyzing the client’s skin and explaining the procedure
  6. Post-Treatment Care:

    • Providing pre & post-treatment advice
    • Understanding potential treatment risks and restrictions
  7. LIVE Model Practice:

    • Gaining practical experience on live models
  8. Business and Marketing:

    • Q & A session for any queries
    • Advice on marketing and pricing the treatment
    • Information on insurance coverage

In your professional kit, you’ll receive enough blades for 20 treatments, offering a chance to make over £1000 in profit from these supplies. Master the art of dermaplaning and provide your clients with smooth, rejuvenated skin!

Your professional kit will include:

  1. Derma Scalpels (1 box)
  2. Derma Collagen Rejuvenating Face Mask x 2
  3. Derma Anti Microbial Cleanser 500ml
  4. Derma Cleanser 150ml
  5. Derma Toner 150ml
  6. Derma Moisturiser 100ml
  7. Facemask 100ml
  8. Sharps Box
  9. Disposable Towels

You will be fully equipped to work on clients after completing your training.

For more information, call us now at 020 7993 55 44

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